Networked Planet’s Data Platform offers an easy-to-use web platform for organisations of any size to publish data for use on the Semantic Web.

Using existing Semantic Web standards, the Data Platform makes it simple to manage and host your data and provides an themeable interface for users to browse hosted datasets.


Organise your data into related datasets that live in "stores", add information about the dataset and then upload your data with a few mouse button clicks.

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If you want to customise the way your data appears to those browsing, you can use add-on modules to set up your data to display in different ways.

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Your web admins add metadata to the datasets using simple web forms and then publish your datasets to the public with a single click of the mouse.

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The Data Platform is fully integrated with the Orchard CMS website platform, extended with data publishing features controlling upload of your data into BrightstarDB, a fully featured RDF Triple store, along with simple user-interfaces to manage your data.